Monday, September 17, 2012

Deli to reopen tomorrow

If you happened to walk by the Park Place Deli one day last week you may have noticed the sign in the window stating the the deli had been sold and would be reopening soon.  That sign, however, came down quickly. Today, however, the sandwich board out front carried the announcement that the place will be re-opening tomorrow at 9 am and that there will be free coffee and cookies at lunch time.

It does not appear that the deli has actually been sold, however. Rather, as we understand the situation, this a reopening with new management.


  1. Thank you for posting this without adding gossipy undertones. I know the family that owns the deli very well. The owner is a great guy--he makes affordable, delicious food, literally holds the hands of customers who need it, has a kind heart, a wicked sense of humor. He is not perfect. We all suffer from demons (or at least have loved ones who do). His just happen to be publicised and subsequently mocked by judgemental and bored Madison Park residents. This morning, I walked by a Madison Park mommy pushing a stroller, gossiping to another mommy about the owner. Very loudly. The mean glint in their eyes and high school hallway voices disgusted me. How rude. Is this the type of behavior you will teach your children? Where did the compassion go? Bryan, please keep your reporting responsible, and let's not incite malicious gossip. You don't know who it will hurt/affect. I wish the owner or new owner the best of luck. Let's not allow Madison Park to become Peyton Place.

    1. This has been a difficult story to cover since I am privy to a lot more information that would be proper for me to publicize. My goal is to be responsible while still giving readers the outlines of the story in a way that conveys what had happened without becoming sensational. In this instance I have been criticized by some for not giving the gossipy details and specific incidences of "weird" behavior while I have also been taken to task for mentioning that incidents of unprofessionalism were responsible for the now-apparently-temporary closing of the shop. I think readers get the general idea.

      This blog is supposed to answer "What Happened?" after all. To not do so would be a violation of Madison Park Blogger's journalistic role, I think. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to state my philosophy.


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