Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The mayor cometh

Walking tour on Saturday to be followed by a town meeting 

It's been a good ten years, by our reckoning, since Seattle's mayor last made an official appearance in Madison Park. Of course it was the ever-affable Mayor Greg Nickels who had the honor in 2002 (that's him in the photo above, with city officials and various Madison Park celebrities in tow).  This year it will be the deep-voiced Mayor Mike McGinn who gets to amble around the neighborhood and meet with the locals.  Madison Park certainly merits a mayoral visit every decade or so.

On Saturday, McGinn will hold a "town meeting" from 11 am until noon at Park Shore Retirement Community (1630 43rd Avenue E.), at which time the Mayor will take questions from residents (and, presumably, from anyone else who may show up).

Prior to that public forum the mayor will walk the 'hood with the various dignitaries of our community council and business association.  We suspect he will be channeled in the direction of Constance Gillespie's notorious "black hole of Madison Park" while he's here. But that's only a guess.

[Photo of Mayor Nickels' walking tour from the Seattle Municipal Archives.]

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