Sunday, September 30, 2012

The mayor makes an appearance

McGinn walks the neighborhood, holds town hall

If Mayor Mike McGinn was aware that Madison Park was one of those rare Seattle neighborhoods that voted solidly against him in the last mayoral election, it was certainly not evident in his gracious opening remarks at yesterday morning's town hall meeting held at Park Shore. The major, who had just completed a circuit of the neighborhood with community council and business association leaders, told the assembled crowd of about 100 that he was impressed with Madison Park's great "assets." He mentioned, in particular, our location on the Lake, our park-like setting, and our vibrant business district.

We did not tag along on the morning's tour but we understand that among the sites the major saw was Constance Gillespie's notorious building at the heart of that very business district the mayor mentioned.  We've been told that the City inspected the building last week but did not find that the structure was unsafe for occupancy or a threat to passersby.  This almost certainly means that in spite of the irritation of fellow merchants and many residents about the decrepit condition of the building, Ms. Gillespie cannot be forced to make improvements.

Failing to fulfill our reportorial obligation, we did not stick around for the question-and-answer session with the mayor. But we were well aware that anyone who missed the event and wants to know what took place will have multiple opportunities to see it all on The Seattle Channel, beginning October 3.

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