Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The new floating bridge explained

Madison Park to be briefed Thursday evening

We have almost certainly devoted more time and attention to the details of and controversy surrounding the new SR-520 floating bridge than any other blog in the city. So, at least for those who have been paying attention, our readers should by this point be pretty well versed on what's been happening and what's about to come, including the eventual removal of the Arboretum's on and off ramps to 520.

Those who are clueless, however, as well as those who want more details directly from the source, will have their opportunity to become better informed on Thursday when representatives of the State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the joint-venture contractor (Kiewit/General/Manson) will be make a presentation about the "Floating Bridge and Landings Project" at Pioneer Hall (1642 43rd Avenue E.), beginning at 6 pm. Questions will be entertained and answered, so says the press release. 

This is your chance to become better informed--and it probably will be an occasion as well for some in the crowd to voice their gripes about what's already happening (pleasure-boat lanes being channeled too close to waterfront condominiums, for example) and what's ahead (noise and construction traffic as the new bridge heads east to west).  

WSDOT has some interesting information about what's going on with the project at its project site.  We learned by checking the site today that cells in Pontoon "V" (shown below, sitting off of Medina) were discovered to be leaking ballast water and recently had to be repaired. Five pontoons in total have now made their way from Aberdeen to their approximate final destination on the Lake. This bridge will soon be coming our way.

[Photos courtesy of WSDOT.  Upper photo shows a "fluke anchor" on a General Construction barge.]


  1. Wow, twice in one week. Good community outreach on the part of the DOT.

  2. If the pleasure boat traffic gets too close and you want to trade dwellings with me, just let me know. I am miles inland.


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