Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pagliacci comes to town

Pizza parlor to open Thursday

First the news for our short-attention-span readers:  we're told there will be free pizza slices (from 11 am until 4 pm) once Pagliacci gets the doors open tomorrow at its new Madison Valley location (3015 E. Madison St.).

After over three months of construction (and eleven years of planning), Pagliacci Pizza is returning to the very site where it once operated a commissary kitchen.  But there's never been a Pagliacci restaurant in the neighborhood (the closest Pagliacci is on North Capitol Hill), so this foray into Madison Valley represents a whole new opportunity for Pagliacci to introduce its particular style of pizza and service to a area of town that already has several pizza alternatives.

We got a preview of Pagliacci's plans for the new location (the company's 24th) from co-owner Matt Galvin earlier this week.  First of all, the pizza: "It's always been about hand-tossing, baking on bricks, and using local, fresh ingredients," he told us. "That's the way it's been since the very beginning of Pagliacci and we're not going to be changing it." It's also about including some seasonal pizzas in the lineup, as the opportunity presents itself, he added. "Today it's the Mushroom Prima, featuring lobster mushrooms."  [An aside here to note that 425 Magazine's November issue reports that Pagliacci Pizza, known for its "high-end, thin-crust, artisan pizzas," has been chosen one of the best in America by Bon Appetit.]

Now about the site: The just-being-completed-today building is Pagliacci's first LEED-certified structure, "green from the ground up," according to the press release.  Says Galvin, "Our customers and employees know that we're committed to being an environmentally focused business, and our newest location will allow us to put all these practices into place under one roof."

There's a lot of wood in the building design, as well as efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures, and strong use of natural lighting.  Going further, this Pagliacci location will utilize composting and FSC-certified pizza boxes, among other green measures.

The new building has been completed almost on time (the opening has only been delayed by a day or two).  It turns out the site needed more shoring up than originally assumed. There was also a fair amount of environmental clean-up that occurred during site restoration.

Among the features of the new restaurant is a children's area (with books and a chalkboard) near the "toss-table" (so that kids can get an up-close-and-personal view of the handicraft involved in pizza tossing).  There is seating for about 30 people, and there will be one of those new Coke machines where patrons can formulate their own concoction.

Pagliacci's delivery area for this location will include, in addition to Madison Park and Madison Valley, Madrona, Leschi (to south of I-90), the Central District, and part of Capitol Hill and First Hill (south of Madison St.).

Galvin says he's excited about the new location and Pagliacci's ability to deliver great pizzas to a whole new crowd of pizza lovers.  "In a way, this grand opening actually represents a homecoming for us."

Welcome back to the 'hood.


  1. But what is the scoop on the beers they will sell? Pizza without good beer is like a dog without a bone!

  2. It just took me 5 tries to read the letters and numbers that is needed to post on your blog. They are getting harder and harder to read, can you do something about that?

  3. I suggest that you subscribe to the blog (see instructions in the right-hand column) so that you can receive it by email. The email presents the postings black on white, which is easier for many to read. Hope that helps!

  4. Great to see that they are here and I got a slice. The only drawback is the parking is not ideal and the entrance will probably cause a few car fender benders.

  5. I stopped by this afternoon and they were so welcoming. Delicious pizza too. Yay - welcome to the neighborhood!

  6. The signage for the store has not yet gone up. Let's see how big and how bright. I'm hopeful it's not another Wells Fargo.

  7. Don't really mind a bright sign, different standards here in the valley, lets liven things up not dull like the Park.


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