Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The deli to get a makeover

Madison Kitchen will arrive near yearend

Because our readers like to be in the know, we barged our way into what had been Park Place Deli today to demand an interview with the new tenant, Jim Goodall, who we discovered on site and working with a restaurant designer on a new concept for the space. Happily for us, Goodall was gracious enough to divulge a bit about himself and to give us a sneak preview of his plans, though he declined to be ambush-photographed while in a not-photo-ready condition. We satisfied ourselves with taking a picture of the disrupted space instead. As you can see, there's a lot of work to do---especially if the space is going to be significantly transformed, as Goodall reports it will be.

For those who like short posts and want us to get quickly to the bottom line:  Goodall says that his new eatery, Madison Kitchen, will be a deli and more.  It will be open longer hours (perhaps 8 am until 6 pm); will be comfortable, bright and inviting; and will offer high-quality coffee (Illy Espresso) and well-prepared, quality-ingredient food: soup, salads, and sandwiches primarily, as well as "a light, limited" breakfast. There will also be a solid number of take-out items in the deli case that "busy moms can appease their picky kids with," among other likely patrons.

Now, a bit about Goodall (as self described): He was once a Vermont farm boy, but he has lived much of his life on the West Coast (Monterey, Santa Monica and--off and on--Seattle). He is a resident of Madison Valley. His most recent stint was as the GM (that's general manager) for Vios Cafe at Third Place Books (Ravenna).  He went to culinary school right out of high school, has worked in various restaurants, and for many years he operated a successful boutique catering business. Although he has a masters degree in Social Work and is a licensed clinical psychologist, he says he loves the food business. And he really likes to bake. Although he says he definitely will not be trying to compete with the Madison Park Bakery, there will definitely be baked goods on the menu at Madison Kitchen (scones included).

Need to know more?  Well "a lot is still up in the air," Goodall tells us. Just think "wholesome and healthy--I am conscientious about my ingredients."  But don't expect this to be a quick transformation from the old to the new.  Goodall (who promises to keep us in the loop) is expecting the opening to be at the end of this year at the earliest.

Stay tuned.

[Madison Kitchen will be located at 4122 E. Madison St.]


  1. Sounds good, can't wait.

  2. What is wrong with competing with the Madison Park Bakery? It would be nice to have a shop that serves more refined baked goods. The pre-baked stuff from Starbucks/Tullys(RIP) and the Safeway-quality stuff from MP Bakery should have a little competition. If only Belle Epicurean was closer and had better parking......mmm croissants.

  3. Fantastic--it is nice to hear of a new local business--and this definitely fits a need--especially for summer picnicking! I liked Park Place Deli but something with a bit more to offer, esp for kids, is perfect. Good luck to the owner!


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