Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Madison Valley gets into the holiday spirit

"Holiday Happy Hour" Shopping on Wednesday

To encourage us to get out and buy our holiday decorations and presents early, Madison Valley merchants are sponsoring a special extended-shopping event tomorrow evening, 5:00 to 7:30 pm, with many businesses offering special sales and "festive treats" to those who partake. Among those participating is Seattle Fast Frame, which is offering shoppers "hot drinks and nibbles" during the event.  Restaurants in the Valley, meanwhile, will be extending their Happy Hours to 7:30 for the occasion.

In addition, several Madison Valley merchants are open special holiday hours or are running specials throughout the holiday shopping season. For example, Kate's Day Spa is offering a free steam bath to area residents who purchase a gift certificate valued at $40 of more, and City People's Garden Store (which has a special selection of holiday plants and gifts, as well as Christmas trees) has extended its evening hours (6-8 pm, weekdays).

And in case all the holiday shopping and the stress of the season starts getting to you, Inner Renewal & The Healthy Path in the Arboretum Court just coincidentally is hosting an event on December 12 (7:30 pm) having nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas but everything to do with peace on earth (or at least inner peace):  a Tibetan singing bowls concert and inner meditation called Resounding the Peaceful Path (call for reservations).

The complete list of Madison Valley merchants can be found on the newly redesigned Madison Valley website here.


  1. Bryan,

    Why are you promoting Madison Valley when you supposed to represent Madison Park?

    Are you saying that there is NO Holiday Spirit in Madison Park?

    1. Give him something to write about, and he will!

  2. Anyone who had the distinct pleasure of attending the Madison Valley Bastille Day celebration could tell you that the Valley has an unbelievable sense of community and style. The diverse and interesting residents really celebrate their neighborhood. I imagine their Holiday celebration will be just as fabulous.

    Maybe all the banks in Madison Park could get together and hand out free pens or something! ;) Don't be such a grinch!

  3. Madison park is where we bank and swim, Madison Valley is the place for fun places to shop and great places to eat and drink, and the residents seem to be much more friendly to outsiders.

  4. Good news, we're now cleaning up our act in Madison Park, we now have a person sweeping up leaves in Bing's Triangle. Sad to say she's doing this from a "wheel chair" and that's a classy act on her part.

    So where are the powers that pretend to represent Madison Park and why aren't they out there doing the same? Just compare the sidewalks in the Valley to the Park!

  5. Let me get this straight.

    You are pointing out a community volunteer and asking why OTHER people, who are also volunteers, are not doing more for the community.

    And you are wanting answers to these questions while you are doing what for the community? For free? On your own time?

    1. Have you no SHAME! This lady was not being paid by anyone, she did for us in Madison Park!

    2. I read it as him pointing out a volunteer and congratulating her. Calm down, maybe a trip to the Valley for a drink will help.

  6. I agree with your assessment of this person's inclusion of the woman in the wheelchair. Kudos to her and her friend who is always helping her. However, there is also a fairly obvious dig at others included here, and she and her volunteerism should not be included with such sleaze.

    This disgruntled person, who, based on the language used, is likely the one that is always found here complaining about the MPCC. This person, and any of you who feel the need to complain about the actions of volunteers, have:

    1) Every opportunity to join the CC at election time
    2) Every opportunity to volunteer for numerous community activities throughout the year
    3) Every opportunity to make financial contributions to improve the community
    4) Every opportunity to grab a rake and help the woman in the wheelchair

    Sitting idly by and complaining about people who volunteer their time in service of their community is about as low as it gets.


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