Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sick coyote reportedly killed

This is far from being a first-hand account, since for this news we are relying on a report that appeared yesterday on the Seattle Times webpage. That report, which relied on an earlier report by KING-TV, stated that federal wildlife officials had confirmed that a coyote that had been seen in various neighborhoods in the area over the past few weeks had been euthanized by officers on Capitol Hill.

We are were not aware of any sightings of this animal in Madison Park proper, though it is possible that it inadvertently strayed into our neighborhood while traversing Lake Washington Boulevard, where it was seen by several residents of both Denny Blaine and Montlake over the last two weeks. The coyote had apparently spent some time in the Arboretum, but more recently it had been making appearances in Volunteer Park. The coyote was in better condition than the old and ill coyote shown the the file photo above but was nevertheless described as being sick and mangey. Photos of the actual animal appear on the Capital Hill Seattle blog here (scroll down to the bottom of the posting, below the comments section).

Of course it's possible that the coyote that was killed is not the coyote that has been seen near Madison Park. Reports on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog and on the Yahoo Montlake Forum, a neighborhood news group, state that a group of coyotes actually lives in or near Volunteer Park. So, if another one of them roams we may have other coyote sightings in the vicinity.

[Photo by Pam Newman from stowoutdoors blog (2011). Without permission, we do not lift photos from neighboring blogs--though we are apparently willing to rob from an unsuspecting blog in Maine.]


  1. A wyle e coyote was spotted in Madison Valley about a week ago, not sure if was this one, but given that coyotes live and breed in the Arboretum (I've seen cubs there), it may well be the same old guy.

  2. I JUST moved back to Seattle and spotted and mangey sick one walking down our street on 22nd Ave S in South Seattle just south of Boeing Fields. What??


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