Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No, no, THIS is the weekend 520 will close

For some reason, WSDOT decided not to close 520 last weekend as had been scheduled for many many weeks. That decision made liars out of those of us in "The Media" who faithfully reported that the bridge would be shut down for construction. WSDOT had confirmed that fact up until about 10 hours before the closure was scheduled to take place.  The ostensible reason given for the reversal was "expected inclement weather."  We wonder what they had originally been assuming about the weather in the Puget Sound in March (or for that matter what they think is going to be different this weekend). After all, these are not out-of-state contractors (or out-of-state bureaucrats, for that matter).

Anyway, the bridge is supposed to be closed this weekend, 11 pm Friday until 5 am Monday.  We'll see.

[Above, a WSDOT-supplied photo of a likely March day on Lake Washington.]

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  1. It was the wind. When it reaches a certain sustained wind speed, the drawspan has to be left open to relieve pressure on the old bridge. Leaving it open would have interfered with the work planned.


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