Sunday, May 19, 2013

A facelift for Triangle Park

McNae Family extends its gift

Things were looking pretty sparse for awhile at the Triangle Park, located directly in front of Bing's (4200 E. Madison St.).  A landscape crew had swooped in a couple of weeks ago and removed all of the plants, leaving not much more than dirt behind. Last week, however, a crew returned to put some new life into this neighborhood amenity. The park is now looking green and orderly, though perhaps a bit more formal than in its last incarnation.

While the park is on city property, its original installation was a gift to the neighborhood by the McNae family, which has a four-generation connection to Madison Park, having arrived here by way of Canada in the 1920s. In 1980, when it became necessary to take down a large old tree on the site, the second McNae generation, headed by Bert McNae, provided the funds for building the park. Bert's sons, Rod and Bruce McNae, who previously funded the installation of an irrigation system and new plantings ten years ago, have come through again with the money for this year's renewal project.

The reason for pulling out the old plantings has to do with a broken irrigation system and the fact that some plants were outgrowing the space available. With the installation of a new irrigation system and some hardier plants, those issues have hopefully been resolved. The new planting is an English garden design featuring boxwood, white roses and lavender.

Over the years, volunteers on occasion have kept Triangle Park watered, weeded, and pruned, while others have pressure-washed, repaired and replaced the benches which line the interior space.  Park Shore, in addition, contributes annually to the maintenance of Triangle Park, which for over thirty years has been a a bright and cheerful community meeting point.  Thanks to the generosity of the McNae family, it will remain so.

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