Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bomb squad makes an appearance

May Day false alarm enlivens neighborhood

At about 7:15 this morning the call came in to the SPD that a suspicious object had been found near the intersection of 39th Avenue E. and E. Galer St., close to the Wells Fargo branch that has been the target of previous attacks. The police immediately mobilized their ABS (Arson/Bomb Squad) Unit, which rolled into Madison Park soon thereafter. This was the scene as a part of E. Madison Street was blocked off while the object in question, described as a green military amunition box, was checked out.

According to SPD's public information officer, Det. Renee Witt, it was soon determined that the amo box posed no threat (that's the box shown in the photo below). At that point ABS cleared the scene, the excitement ended, and traffic again flowed on Madison.  That's the story.

[Thanks to Madison Park resident/photographer Jim Waltz for the photos and for alerting us to this story.]

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  1. What un ExPloSive Story, wonder what was or wasn't in the box? Is our world getting more dangerous, or just more paranoid?


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