Sunday, July 14, 2013

A perfect day for a little fun

For those not content to just sit on the beach and enjoy the fabulous day, there were multiple opportunities yesterday (and each within walking distance) to share the spirit of the summer with other like-minded revelers.

Madison Valley staged a very successful second incarnation of its Bastille Bash, celebrating the French holiday with food, drink, song, and (at least for some) a certain esprit.

Organizers would certainly have preferred to have blocked off E. Madison Street for the afternoon, given the size of the crowds.

But no one seemed to be particularly constrained by this impossibility, and the drivers who may have been mildly inconvenienced by the event seemed to take things in stride.

In addition to the food and wine, there were cooking and gardening demonstrations, street performers, and, of course entertainment on the main stage.

Vin Voleur performs

Vive la France!

Further down the street, earlier in the afternoon, dad, mom and the kids (not to mention a few grandparents and dogs) enjoyed a sunny, slow stroll down Madison behind a fire truck. The occasion was, of course, the traditional and popular Children's Parade.

The destination is always the same for these parades, but no one ever complains about it.  The fire truck safely delivered everyone to the park...

where, after completing their not-too-challenging trek, parade-goers enjoyed a complementary chow-down.

All in all, it was a pretty great day.

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  1. Lindy Wishard deserves a lot of credit as President of the Madison Valley Community Council for the Bastille Bash! This is the events second year and it appears that Madison Park's loss is Madison Valley's gain!


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