Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rabid bat found on our beach

A sick bat was discovered in the sand at the Madison Park beach earlier this week, prompting the King County Public Health Department to issue a rabies alert this afternoon, after the bat was tested positive for the disease. Rabies is contracted through a bite, but anyone (and any pet) having had contact with the animal should be tested. Information is available on the KCPHD site here.  It is critical that testing occur quickly, according to KCPHD spokesman James Apa, since it is possible to successfully treat the disease in the early stages.  Once symptoms occur, however, the outlook is "pretty bleak" he told us.

According to the department's press release, "The bat was spotted by a beachgoer in the shade of a tree, at the south end of the beach, on Monday afternoon. A lifeguard reported it to his managers and Public Health."


  1. Thanks to the Madison Park Blogger for posting this timely health alert. One clarification: if anyone has contact with the rabid bat, it's important to contact Public Health immediately in order to start treatment (not testing). Once symptoms of rabies begin, the disease is almost always fatal.


    James Apa
    Communications Manager
    Public Health - Seattle & King County

  2. James Apa is correct, if you have any doubt about whether you or someone you know has come in contact with this bat, it would be prudent to go and get treated right away to prevent the possible development of a lethal disease.


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