Sunday, September 1, 2013

And speaking of safer crossings...


Redesigned intersection open in time for school

It only took construction crews two weeks to reconfigure the north side of the intersection of 37th Avenue E. and E. Madison Street.  The new and much improved meeting of the roads began receiving vehicular traffic on Friday.

The redesign was prompted by an accident at that location two years ago, when a boy on his way to school at McGilvra Elementary was struck by a car. The driver said that because of limited visibility she did not see the student, who was on his bike heading east on the Madison Street sidewalk. When she pulled forward to merge onto Madison, the boy sped into the path of her oncoming car.  Fortunately, the boy fully recovered from his injuries.

Last year it was announced that the 37th & E. Madison intersection reconfiguration had been approved for funding under the City's Safe Routes to School Program.  As can be seen by comparing the before and after pictures, visibility has been significantly enhanced.



  1. This looks great and is long overdue!

  2. This, unfortunately, will make no difference. They did the same thing at Bert's and people roll through that STOP sign all day long, looking only for approaching traffic from the east.

    It also will not matter if kids on bikes are going to speed along the sidewalk and not stop at the corner before proceeding into the street.

    Wouldn't it be great if the city spending money actually made people smarter?

  3. Roll through the stop? Most of the stop signs in the neighborhood don't seem to apply to most vehicles I see - cars, bikes etc. If rolling means going through at 30 mph then yes... roll they do.

  4. I think the bulb-out will make people safer, because even if the stop sign is ignored, a driver has to made a right turn now instead of a wide-angle turn. That always reduces speed


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