Monday, September 9, 2013

August police blotter

There were three residential burglaries, two stolen cars, three car prowls, and one case of shoplifting reported in Madison Park during August.

A brazen forced-entry burglary occurred on August 7 at a home on the 1400 block of 37th Avenue E. The homeowners reported that the perpetrator(s) had kicked in their front door, gained entry to the house, and stole an Xbox video game console, MacBook laptop, and a Wacom interactive pen display. The victims were not on the premises when the incident occurred during the afternoon. There were no fingerprints found at the scene, but there was a shoe print on the glass of the kicked-in door.

On August 30, a residence on the 1200 block of 39th Avenue E. was burglarized sometime between 9 am and noon. The victim told police she had returned to her home to discover that several rooms had been rifled and that many items had been stolen, including a Mac laptop, an iPad Mini, and four cell phones.  It appeared that the burglar(s) may have made a hasty exit from the house, perhaps upon the homeowner's return.  Several pieces of silverware, taken from a drawer, were stacked neatly on the kitchen counter top and a pillowcase filled with expensive perfume was left behind. Several expensive handbags and purses, as well as some costume jewelry, were also stolen from the house.  The victim reported that the doors to the house were normally locked and that she had recently lost a spare key. There was no evidence of a forced entry.

Also on August 30, homeowners on the 3300 block of E. Ford Street returned to their house at about 6 pm and discovered their back door was wide open and several items were missing from the premises, including a Kindle, a TV, two Coach purses, some costume jewelry and a pair of reading glasses.  Also missing: one of the victims' passport.

Cars were stolen on August 23 at 41st Avenue E. and E. Garfield Street and on August 31 on the 2300 block of Broadmoor Drive E.  Cars were broken into on August 1 on the 4200 block of E. Lynn St., on August 24 on the 2300 block of 42nd Avenue E. and on August 30 on the 1900 block of 38th Avenue E.

In addition, there were several cases of damaged property and a shoplifting incident at a store on the 4200 block of E. Madison on August 26.

"It Didn't Happen Here" Crime of the Month:

Woman Arrested After Spraying Baby With Soy Sauce

by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee (Seattle Police Blotter)

Officers carted off a woman from an International District restaurant Saturday [August 24] after she sprayed a baby with soy sauce and doused other patrons with chocolate milk, ruining what had undoubtedly been a perfectly delightful afternoon Dim Sum.

Just before 1 pm, officers were called to the Dim Sum King at 6th and Jackson after a 52-year-old woman walked into the restaurant, told everyone to “go back to China,” began flipping over guests’ plates, spit on a man and then squirted him and his baby with soy sauce.

One of the victims called 911, and officers pulled up to the restaurant to find several people standing outside, covered in food. When officers contacted the suspect—who was carrying a container of chocolate milk—she became very animated and slapped an officer in the arm. Officers then arrested the woman and booked her for harassment and assault on an officer.

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  1. If you are going to post crimes that did not happen in Madison Park, then please report the recent tragic crime about a random stabbing in Pioneer square where a professor was killed and the companion is very injured. The mayor needs to address the unsafe areas of the city since the person killed lived in another area of Seattle. Thank you.


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