Monday, September 16, 2013


Driver gets off track

In fairness, it was a very rainy afternoon yesterday, with lower visibility than usual. Also, part of the roadway was missing. For the driver of this vehicle, reportedly an elderly woman (though she disputes the description), the combination of unusual factors was unfortunate. This was the scene in front of Broadmoor at about 5 pm, after the car entered the construction zone.  The driver was apparently unharmed, though perhaps a little embarrassed (though she says her actual emotion was anger---over the fact that the construction area was not properly covered).

[Photo courtesy of Nancy and Paul Dobrin.]


  1. This was the second car to do this that day and it was not raining during the first incident. I would argue rain and low visibility were not factors in this situation but careless driving. This is Seattle - it rains. Clearly the few dozen fluorescent orange pylons were not sufficient warning.

  2. I was walking past Broadmoor yesterday. A car with an elderly gentleman pulled up and to my interpretation was quite annoyed that he was forced to wait for me to cross in front of him. When I got past the entrance to the fenced community I heard what sounded like a huge auto crash behind me. This excellent driver had aggressively driven himself onto the median in the middle of the road turning left. Rather than stop he gunned his car and ripped up the bottom of it. The pictured car driven into the construction which is "clearly not marked well enough" is par for the course for this area.

  3. It's not careless driving, low visibility, or old age. It's CRS, a heinous and often misdiagnosed condition. Condolences to the victims, their families, and the guards.


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