Tuesday, October 15, 2013

500,000 pageviews and counting

New milestones for Madison Park Blogger

Blogger.com, which hosts this site, reported today that Madison Park Blogger has surpassed 500,000 pageviews, after just four and a half years of posting:

Quantcast, an independent third-party evaluator of site statistics, meanwhile, shows that Madison Park Blogger currently receives over 1,500 unique visitors per month on average (down from over 2,000 for the month ending September 15).  MPB now has 606 subscribers, according to Google Feedburner, which provides our email and reader platform, and there are an additional 248 fans of our new Facebook page.

Thanks for the support!

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  1. love your success and new OPINIONS features
    keep kicking butt
    you are the eyes and ears of MP


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