Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wrong turn in Broadmoor

This was the scene in Broadmoor around midnight on Monday after a man who claimed to be driving to Everett crashed his car into two parked cars at high speed, flipping his car in the process.  A witness estimated that the man was traveling at about 50 miles per hour when the accident happened. The photo shows the man's upside-down vehicle, with a fire crew poised in the background. The incident occurred on the 1400 block of Broadmoor Drive E.

Police officers investigating the accident reported that the suspect appeared both drunk and "high on narcotics."  He was Mirandized and later taken to Harborview Medical Center, though he was not seriously injured.  No one else was hurt in the accident.

According to the SPD, the suspect told officers that he had left the "Buffalo Club" earlier in the evening and was driving to Everett when he must have taken a wrong turn and got lost in Broadmoor. The police report notes that the suspect was "several miles from the freeway" when he flipped his car.  A Broadmoor resident we spoke with told us he felt the suspect was probably trying to protect the person in Broadmoor whose home the suspect had been at before the accident.

The suspect was also concerned about protecting himself from his parole officer, telling an investigating SPD officer that he hoped the police wouldn't mention the incident and get him into trouble.   No such luck, however.  Although the suspect was released from Harborview, the case has been referred to the prosecutor.


  1. ....and some people still think those fences are to keep the people behind them safe from the rest of us!!

  2. I am relieved no one was hurt, with sooooo many small children living in Broadmoor....

  3. these are the sorts of people that kill others, stupid drunk driver should be hung upside down like his car for a while until some blood flows into his brain and gives him a bit more common sense and concern for others.

  4. Doesn't the guard ask where people are going and write down the license plate? They always do when I go in. Must be my dangerous looking mini-van that strikes them as suspicious!!!


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