Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Neighborhood hit with extensive tagging

As we've reported in the past, tagging is an ongoing problem in the neighborhood, but the scale of last night's vandalism is perhaps unprecedented.  Community Council member Bob Edmiston reported in an email this morning that he counted 40 separate graffiti incidents in the "flat" area of Madison Park, principally in alleys between E. Lee Street to the south and the Edgewater Apartments (E. McGilvra Street) to the north. Garage doors were the principal targets.

Those who have experienced vandalism of their property are urged to report the incident to the police, which is easily on on-line here: Seattle Police CORP.

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  1. People need to pay more attention to the kids in the neighborhood especially after 9 at night.They walk around between Madison street and the tennis club. usually its 2 to 4 kids one always wears a backpack.(with paint cans in it). These kids live in or near Madison park they may even be your kids.
    If we want to stop this we have to pay more attention to things. If u see a group of boys late at night walking around and one of them has a backpack on.Pay attention!!. I almost caught them twice once on camera and once in person. in time i will catch them and when I or we catch them. I think there will be some embarrassed parents in Madison park.


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