Friday, January 10, 2014

No bubble for the Tennis Club

Hearing examiner upholds decision

The City of Seattle's Hearing Examiner has denied the appeal by the Seattle Tennis Club of an earlier decision denying the the private club's proposal to add coverings (perhaps along the lines of the graphic above) to two tennis courts at the facility.  The coverings would have provided "seasonal weather protection" for the courts during the bad months each year.   Some neighbors whose views might have been impacted by the erection of a 'tennis bubble' at the Club (922 McGivlra Boulevard E.) were concerned that the Hearing Examiner might rule in the STC's favor.  That didn't happen.

The decision affirms the original conclusion of the Department of Planning & Development that because the Club is located in an Urban Residential Shoreline Environment (where clubs are prohibited), as well as in an area zoned for Single Family housing (where clubs are also prohibited), STC must go through a shoreline variance application to add a building to its already nonconforming site. It is unlikely that the STC will be undertaking that arduous process, though there was no comment from Club management today.

The Madison Park Times broke the original story concerning the Club's request to add the bubble.  The story was later picked up by KIRO-TV (to see that story, click here.)

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