Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keeping up

Tacos are in our future (and sushi?)

The rumor we picked up and reported a few weeks ago that a taco stand could be moving into the space once occupied by Best Buds flower shop at 41st and E. Blaine has proven  true. A company called Taco Bar LLC has applied for a liquor license for that site, though no construction activity is currently underway there.

Meanwhile, there's a new rumor, though unsubstantiated (that's the thing about rumors), that the replacement for the departed Mad Pizza on Madison St. might be "something Japanese."  As with the old Best Buds shop, however, the former pizza parlor is not undergoing rehabilitation at this point.

Finally on the food scene, Madison Park Conservatory served its last meal on Saturday, chef/proprietor Cormac Mahoney and some of his great crew posing for a final shot in the kitchen:

Those so choosing can leave their best wishes on the restaurant's Facebook page.

As an aside, Madison Parkers might be interested in reading a postmortem of MPC at one of the KOMO News websites, Seattle Refined, wherein blogger Frank Guanco muses, "maybe the neighborhood didn't deserve Madison Park Conservatory."


  1. Taco stand and sushi - right on! That's the kind of chow Mad Park residents will support. Mad Park Consev was great but Guanco is correct, the wrong fit for the neighborhood's needs.

  2. Yeah, because the taco and sushi dining needs are not being met by Cactus and Nishino. Seems like the "right fit" in restaurants is the same as the "right fit" in residents...more of the Stepford same. Guanco IS right...Madison Park did not deserve the Conservatory. Here's hoping Cormac and crew decamp to Ballard or Capitol Hill and find the client base that will not only embrace them but deserve them.

  3. There have been pizza places, burger places, delis, coffee shops and cafes that have all failed in Madison Park over the years.

    It's therefore pretty simplistic to assume that we know what kind of places will be successful and which ones won't and why.

  4. In comparison, restaurants and bars open and close on a regular basis on Cap Hill...among other areas.... bars/restaurants don't have a great track record in general. I think the percentage of failure is like 70% in your first three years... Give us a break in MP!

  5. supposedly the owner of the building where mad pizza was and who is the owner of the dry cleaning is going to lease to a friend to open a sushi bar


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