Saturday, April 19, 2014

Madison Park: not exactly a crime oasis

Kegs 'lifted' from The Attic

In the annals of neighborhood brazenness this scene is hardly going to be recorded as anything more than a footnote.  After all, Madison Park recently experienced a surreal, though terrorizing, bank holdup. MPB reader Candace Baer, who lives at Madison Court (42nd E. & E. Newton) witnessed the incident captured in this photo, which she says shows two guys emancipating kegs from the back of neighborhood alehouse, The Attic, at about 6 pm on Tuesday night.  That passes for broad daylight in Seattle at this time of year.

Candace says she yelled at the suspects and then ran after them. She reports that they had a pickup truck parked in her building's loading zone, into which they threw the kegs. They raced off as Candace dialed 9-1-1. She says the police arrived quickly. Unfortunately she didn't the license number of the vehicle, and the cops were unable to locate the truck.

Multiple times a year there are stories in the Park of brazen criminal activity. These are usually house break-ins that occur while occupants are clearly at home (in most cases sleeping).  But there are also the occasional gun incidents, and earlier this week we witnessed a drug deal go down in front of our house (and not for the first time).

Relatively crime free, we are.  A crime oasis, however, we're not


  1. That guy in the back is incredibly strong. A full keg weighs anywhere from 60-lbs and he's carrying it with one hand, elbow bent!!

    Or, are they not full??

  2. A full keg actually weighs 160 lbs. These kegs had to be empty (30lbs) in which case my guess is they are being taken by the distributer to be refilled....

  3. I live at Madison Court as well - they parked in the tow away spot out front and speed off with about 6 kegs in a white truck. We unfortunately did not have enough time to get the license plate.

  4. I think the point is that the guys in the photo could not physically be carrying full kegs in the manner they are and the kegs are likely empty. Typically full kegs require two people, or a hand-truck to carry one.

    Did anyone verify with the Attic that kegs were in fact stolen?


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