Thursday, September 11, 2014

Art Walk returns tomorrow

It's become a summer tradition in Madison Park for area artists to display their work in neighborhood businesses as the season draws to a close.  This year is no different, with Art Walk scheduled to begin tomorrow evening and run through September 28.  A total of 30 Madison Park businesses will be participating, with the walk running down Madison all the way from Starbucks to Park Bench Gifts.  The full line up of participating businesses and artists can be found here

The excitement begins with a reception at Starbucks beginning at 6 pm on Friday.

[Upper photo: art of Brooke Westlund; lower photo: art of Arthur Pasette]


  1. There must not have been any advertising for the art walk this year, because it really fell flat. The weather was certainly not to blame (as it was perfect) for the lack of people in attendance.

    1. Flat???? You must be a slug in the crevices!

    2. Is there anything you Madison Park residents won't use as an opportunity to name call? I too thought the Art Walk was under attended. I had a friend whose art was on display and came down the hill to support her. The event is a fun idea but it did feel a bit "flat".

    3. speaking of art! see madpark resident and over 40+++ Lisa Johnson at her latest fitness pageant. Way to go Lisa!


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