Sunday, May 10, 2009


May 2: A resident of the 1500 block of 39th Avenue reported that he believed his ex-wife had stolen three pistols from his residence sometime since the end of the year. He said he believed his wife still had possession of a garage door opener and a back-door key to the residence. He admitted that he did not have any proof that his ex-wife was responsible for the theft.

May 4: A resident of the 2300 block of 43rd reported an attempted burglary at her residence that occurred while she was out of the house doing errands. She stated that when she returned home she found her door standing open with damage to the door and frame. She found the apartment empty and nothing appeared to be missing, so she assumed that she may have frightened off the suspect(s).

May 1-5: In three separate incidents in the Arboretum, individuals reported that their cars had been broken into while they were away from their vehicles enjoying the park. In two of the cases, laptops were stolen. In the third case, a man reported that someone had taken advantage of his open car window to reach in and unlock the door in order to steal the man’s dog from the back seat.

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  1. May 14: Our car was robbed last night. My guess is they were got scared and run off because only a few things were taken, and may other valuable items were left. I forgot to lock my car one night and they got me! Watch out!

    4100 Block of E Garfield St.


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