Sunday, May 10, 2009

False raccoon alert masks burglary

(not the actual perpetrator)

Recently some Washington Park neighbors of mine up on the 1100 block of 39th had a rather disconcerting late-night experience. It seems that their small dog often becomes upset when hearing raccoons rummaging about (as do my dogs). So on that particular night when their dog became super agitated in the early morning hours, they assumed that it was another case of raccoon fever and ignored the warnings.

The dog, of course, knew better.

The next morning when the family came down from their second-floor bedrooms they discovered that during the night the first floor had been “cleaned out.” Missing items included the TV and various other electronic gadgets. It was not a pretty scene.

And as far as I’m aware, this story is not generally known in the neighborhood (it was reported to me as an anecdote by another neighbor). As I mentioned in my earlier post on crime in Madison Park, there is no source of crime information readily available to us; so if information is power, residents of the Park seem to be comparatively powerless. Although the Madison Park Times does publish a police report, the paper only comes out monthly, and its coverage area for police reporting includes Madrona and Leschi, as well as Madison Valley. I am aware of no timely source of crime information that covers just our neighborhood.

So, in an attempt to help rectify this situation I’ve decided to add a Police Blotter to this blog where I will post on a timely basis the relevant police reports from the East Precinct. From my review the the police reports for all of the Seattle precinct's last week I can say that the East precinct seems to be a quieter beat than the others, and Madison Park is comparatively crime-free relative to the Capitol Hill area. Let's hope this week is a representative sample.

My first Police Blotter follows.

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  1. Nice work on the blotter! I know what it takes to dig through that stuff because I do it for Capitol Hill every week at

    Keep it up!


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