Friday, September 25, 2009

Book sale at the Bathhouse tomorrow

Books, CDs and DVDs will be on sale at the Bathhouse at Madison Park Beach on Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm. Proceeds of the sale will be used to supplement the operating budget of the Madison Park Community Council, which could surely use the extra money. The Bathhouse is located at the intersection of E. Howe Street and 43rd Avenue E.

It is rumored that in conjunction with the book sale, artists from Park Shore Retirement Community will be presenting a showing of their works at the Bathhouse.

It should be a busy day at the Park tomorrow, given that American History Day will be simultaneously underway in both the across-the-street portion of the Park and at Pioneer Hall.

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  1. Gwynne and I went to the Book Sale yesterday and spent $10 on 2 DVD'S, 1 vhs tape and 9 paperback books. Terrific deal! What a great idea for a neighborhood fund-raiser! I thanked Jennifer Hutchins and the other ladies for their volunteer-ism and said "we need a library in Madison Park". Our institutional memory expert, Lola McKee, said, "we tried to get one years ago but the SPL said it wasn't COST EFFECTIVE". That's the library's loss and Madison Park's gain. We spread the word on the way home. Good job!


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