Thursday, September 24, 2009

Revolutionary Battle scene in Madison Park?

It was a grand idea, and if carried to fruition would have created quite a spectacle in the Park this Saturday: a large-scale battle re-enactment as part of American History Day. The will was there; but, alas, the money was not. So instead of watching a staged battle scene in the Park this weekend, event goers will be treated to a “living history encampment.” Not quite the same as soldiers skirmishing, but fun for history buffs nonetheless.

Organizers, including the United Daughters of the Confederacy’s local chapter, promise there will be knowledgeable re-enactors in period uniforms from both the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, colorful displays, and lively demonstrations. It’s all timed to coincide with the Alaska Yukon Exposition Centennial celebrations currently underway in Seattle. American History Day participants will include the 2nd Connecticut Colonial Reenactors, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Philippine Scouts of 1899, the Washington State Sons of the American Revolution, and the Snoqualmie Nation.

While some of the re-enactments will occur in the Park, much of the day’s activity will be across the street at Pioneer Hall (1644 43rd Avenue E.). The Hall will be open from 9am until 6pm, and the public is definitely invited (a “small donation” is requested).
[Photo: 5th Connecticut Regiment reenactors shown in 2006 Battle of Yorktown reenactment by Jeanette Dussell.]

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