Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bert’s does its bit for a greener holiday season

Although Bert’s has been recycling its own cooking oil and animal-fat waste for many years, the store this month decided to go a step further in its support of a “sustainable environment” in Madison Park. And if you’ve wandered around the back of the store recently, you may have seen the evidence of this new effort: a big green oil drum next to the loading dock labeled “General Biodiesel – Waste Cooking Oil Only – No Motor Oil.”

Madison Parkers are invited to come on down and dispose of their own used cooking oil and grease in the barrel, says store manager Keith Coddington: “We’re hoping it will be a help to the people in the neighborhood.”

The idea of placing a grease-recycling station in the Park was the brainchild of self-described “green fanatic“ (and General Biodiesel employee) Hoby Douglass. Bert’s, which has plenty of experience with the process, immediately agreed to provide the space. Coddington, who suspects that it will take awhile for the idea to catch on, says Bert’s is committed to environmentally correct solutions such as this one. Bert’s own recycling, he notes, has been in place “forever.”

General Biodiesel is a three-year-old biodiesel fuel manufacturer, based here in Seattle, that uses waste oils as the principal component in its fuel creation process. In theory, at least, biodiesel is cleaner burning than petroleum-based diesel; and when made from waste oils (as opposed to corn or other agricultural crops), it certainly is a lot greener.

The oil drum is expected to be in place at Bert's through early January.

[Bert’s is located at 1801 41st Avenue E. Photo of oil drum by Hoby Douglass.]

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