Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Madison Park Blogger passes a milestone

When I began this blog seven and a half months ago, I planned to be a blogger in Madison Park, writing about whatever I decided to write about. (My first post on this blog, in fact, was about sluicing!)

But I quickly became a blogger about Madison Park, and I moved away from doing the kinds of postings I might have done if this wasn’t such a “serious endeavor” (and if my audience wasn’t made up of a lot of people I’d prefer not to offend). One of the ideas I gave up on was a regular posting called “Culled from the Internet.” My plan was to scour the web for interesting images and post them occasionally, confronting my readers with my humor and sense of the absurd. Of course that kind of thing would be totally inappropriate for a blog of this sort.

But we made a little history overnight, so I am deviating from the norm with this posting, the illustrations for which have nothing to do with anything. They were ripped from other websites and are used without attribution (because I really don’t remember from where I got them!). And the reason for celebration?

At exactly 4:41 this morning, Madison Park Blogger received its 10,000th visit since inception. Someone in Tokyo, Japan used the Google image-search function to find this site and then spent nine minutes and 29 seconds looking at our September postings. Now 10,000 visits might not be a big deal for a major, established neighborhood blog like Ballard’s, but I’m viewing it as a vote of confidence. And I’ll take my readers from wherever I can get them (somebody in Belgium reads this site every week!). So thanks, reader in Japan!

And thanks also to my Madison Park fans for your support and encouragement. Please keep those comments and story ideas coming. Onward and upward!

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