Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bees evacuated from the neighborhood

And we mean literally evacuated, with a vacuum no less. It happened earlier this week, though I was not on hand to see the operation performed. Madison Park resident and blog reader Kay Bean emailed me on Tuesday to say that a gimongous swarm of honey bees was going to be removed from a tree in the neighborhood and that I might want to get down there and cover the story. Well I did want to. But unfortunately, my day job precluded bee coverage that day.

Fortunately, however, KING-TV was on the job. And since that particular TV channel is not trying to run a competing Madison Park blog, I am happy to provide a link to their coverage. It’s a video of Jerry "The Bee Guy" Mixon (that’s him in a file photo to the right) very carefully removing the bees from their chosen branch on E. Newton Street.

By the way, Jerry is a beekeeper. The bees were not killed in the process of removal and are now presumably enjoying happy and productive lives in their new location, unnamed.

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