Thursday, December 30, 2010

Police Blotter 12/30/10

Very few crimes were reported in the neighborhood during the past three weeks. Although there were two car prowls and a case or two of graffiti, major criminal activity was limited to just one boat theft and two burglaries.

The most notable burglary occurred at the Seattle Tennis Club on Friday, December 10. Early that evening, several STC members reported to staff that personal items of theirs had been stolen from the men’s locker room. One member reported that he had seen someone going through clothing inside the locker room. A review of security-video footage later revealed that a suspect had entered the locker room and remained there for about 15 minutes, leaving only when a STC staffer entered to investigate the report of suspicious activity.

The suspect apparently didn’t enter or exit the Club through the front door, as required of members. During a subsequent check of the premises it was discovered that someone had cut a hole in the chain-link fence on the north side of the property, and a lock had also been cut from an inside gate, probably giving the suspect access to unlocked doors on the east side of the Club. A copy of the video showing the suspect was provided to the police, who are continuing to investigate the case.

There was another burglary reported in the neighborhood over Christmas weekend. This one was at a residence undergoing renovation on the 400 block of Hillside Drive E. The contractor reported that someone had broken into the house by removing a temporary plywood door covering. Taken in the burglary were power tools and construction equipment. The house was not occupied at the time of the break in.

A boat was stolen from the 2300 block of 41st Avenue E. on the evening of December 20, and there were car break-ins on the 2300 block of 42nd Avenue E. on the morning of December 18 and on the 1800 block of McGilvra Boulevard E. on the morning of December 17. There was also one case of a weapon being surrendered to police on the 4200 block of E. Blaine St. on the day after Christmas. No word on what kind of weapon was involved, other than that it was not a firearm.

All in all, we’ve managed to end the year on a fairly positive note, crime wise; and if we’re lucky, the trend will continue into the New Year--until the weather warms up. That, at least, is the usual seasonal pattern.

[Key to crime-map symbols: starbursts represent burglaries, solid cars represent car thefts, un-solid cars represent car prowls, spray-paint cans represent property damage, upraised hands represent shoplifting, dollar bills represent thefts, handcuffs represent arrests under warrants, guns represent weapons involved, and red exclamation points represent cases of harassment. This map covers the period from December 6 through December 30.]

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  1. Hmmmmmmm!! A boat stolen from my block. It must have been the alley, between 41st and 42nd, where I would guess it was it was a 23 foot almost new Sea Ray on a trailer. How the heck could they steal that?? However, since I had a trailer I personally built from a kit stolen from me about 2 years ago, and I even heard it (all my security lights went on to scare them off, but actually gave the thieves an excellent well-lit view), thinking it was a noisy neighbor who always dragged garbage cans at 2 or 3 in the morning. Needless to say, the trailer was gone the next morning. Around here, everything left outside our fences is stolen. I guess that White Center has a lower theft rate, than Madison Park???? Again, thanks to Bryan for being the best newsman in the Pacific NW, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! HG - Madison Park.


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