Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A glimpse into the past

Our posting last week on the death of Governor Albert D. Rosellini elicited an email from Madison Park photographer Bob Peterson, with this photo attached.  Peterson describes the shot, taken in downtown Seattle during the 1960 U.S. Presidential campaign, as his very favorite picture of Governor Rosellini.  The photo shows an open convertible carrying Senator John F. Kennedy in a cavalcade along Fourth Avenue, near University Street (that's the Olympic Hotel in the background).

The Governor, seated next to the future President, is looking mighty pleased (perhaps anticipating his own re-election that fall).  While Rosellini carried the state, Kennedy didn't do so, as Washington went Republican in the presidential contest that year. Seated in the backseat on the other side of Kennedy is probably the First Lady of the State, Ethel Rosellini.  In the front passenger seat is Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson.

Though the car of choice for this ride down Fourth Avenue was a Buick, Governor Rosellini was a Cadillac man himself, in later years tooling around the neighborhood in a big white car of that make, license plate reading "GOV ADR".

[Photo by Bob Peterson.  Click to enlarge.]


  1. Bryan, did the good governor live in Madison Park (because of your comment about him tooling around the neighborhood in his white Caddy)?

    I personally love the '60 Buick convertible in the photo! I recall having a blue '59 LeSabre convertible when I was 5 yrs. old (and the scale of my autos were and now are 1:43).

  2. Gov. Rosellini lived in Madison Park in retirement, on 43rd Avenue.


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