Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween is the day to trick or treat

For some reason unknown to us, the Madison Park Business Association occasionally schedules its annual Halloween Trick or Treat event on a day other than Halloween.  But this year, the big to-do is actually going to happen on Halloween Day. That means that neighborhood kids can dress up and present themselves for tricking or treating purposes at area businesses on Monday, October 31, from 3 until 5 pm.

Again this year, the Madison Park Cooperative Preschool will be taking pictures of the little tricksters at McNae Triangle Park (in front of Bing's) throughout the event.

[Upper graphic by artist Linda Apple.  Photo by Melynda Warner.]


  1. Many do not realize that the MPBA is comprised of less than half of Madison Park businesses. The others do business in the neighborhood and take advantage of MPBA activities while never actually paying their dues or volunteering a minute of their time. They take money from the community and give nothing back.

    Of those that do pay dues, only a select few actually volunteer time, or contribute additional funding or merchandise to make these community activities possible.

    I bring all of this up because the MPBA deserves better than your smug comments. You are a "reporter," and if you want to know why the scheduling is the way it is sometimes, ask. Just a hint, the reasons are all about the kids and not about you.

  2. Thanks for posting! Great pictures! MPB is always such a great place to get community information, much appreciated. :)


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