Friday, October 21, 2011

Police Blotter 10/15/11

Madison Park: Crime backwater

The neighborhood is experiencing its typical end-of-summer slowdown in criminal activity, as evidenced by the above map, which shows reported crimes in Madison Park during the 30-day period, September 16 through October 15.  When we contacted the Seattle Police this month to get background for this report, we had virtually nothing to ask about.  While we're hardly crime free here in the Park, it's certainly the case that in relative terms our community remains something of an oasis within the urban jungle.

Of course, if you're the unlucky soul who had his house broken into or car stolen, you may not take such a sanguine view of the matter. While we almost made it through the period without a single burglary, there was one such incident reported: on the 3800 block of E. Crockett St. on September 16 (the star-burst icon on the map).  An "unknown suspect" forcibly entered the residence while no one was at home and stole a computer, two iPods, one iPad, and some cash.  One car, meanwhile, was stolen, that incident occurring on October 13 on the 2400 block of 41st Avenue E.

The only other crimes of note were the theft of a purse from a local restaurant (the victim having left her purse behind and the staff not being able to locate it later), and thefts from properties located on the 1900 block of 39th Avenue E. (on October 11) and 1700 block of E. Galer St. (on October 5).  There were no car prowls in Madison Park proper, although ten such incidents were reported in the Arboretum or nearby during the period.

There was one disturbance investigated by the police, which happened on the 4100 block of E. Madison St. on September 27 (the black mask icon on the map), but the incident was pretty tame.  The "victim" reported to police that a person known to him approached him and yelled at him, acting aggressively before leaving the scene.  The complainant simply wanted the altercation documented, which the police obligingly did.

As we said, not much to report.   Let's hope it stays that way.

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