Thursday, February 2, 2012

B of A ATM fire NOT arson

$150,000 in damage apparently accidental

It turns out that what at first appeared to be an early-morning arson fire, burglary attempt, or political statement at the Madison Park Bank of America branch in November was probably something much more mundane.  The Seattle Fire Department reported last month that its arson investigator concluded that the cause of the fire was likely an ATM malfunction, possibly an electrical short in the cash machine's wiring. The SFD estimated the fire damage at $150,000.

We didn't see any news report about all of this, but we were taken to task today by the SFD public information officer who noted that the fire-investigation results had been posted on the Department's blog on January 5, almost a month ago.  He was reacting to our recent posting on the Wells Fargo branch vandalism, in which we suggested a possible link to the BofA branch arson.  Well, apparently there was none.

We stand corrected.

[The Madison Park Bank of America Branch is located at 4100 E. Madison Street.]

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