Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cormac becomes 'pilgrimage worthy'

Madison Park Conservatory's Cormac Mahoney has been named one of the ten Best New Chefs in the country by Food & Wine Magazine.  He was one of two Puget Sound area chefs so honored, the other being Blaine Wetzel of Willows Inn on Lummi Island. According to, which broke the story locally yesterday, the Best New Chef award is "one of the most coveted distinctions in the food business."  And it's apparently unprecedented for two Seattle-area chefs to make the list in a single year.

In its press release, Food & Wine, which is not modest about its annual list, states "this prestigious award recognizes talented chefs with a unique culinary vision." And Editor Diana Cowin goes on to say, "It is such a delight to honor these incredible chefs, who have made a tremendous impact on the culinary world in a short period of time. They’ve created truly pilgrimage-worthy restaurants."

Though the awards will not be featured in the print magazine until the July issue, you can read a lively synopsis of Mahoney's favorite things and an overview of from whence he has come at Food & Wine's on-line site here.  Trivia question: Cormac has cooked dinner for the President of which African country?

[Madison Park Conservatory is located at 1927 43rd Ave. E.]

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