Monday, April 2, 2012

Another pizza option! Just what we needed

Pagliacci Pizza to usurp Spotless Cleaners site

The Central District News, a neighboring blog, reported last week that Pagliacci Pizza will be invading Madison Valley later this year with a new store on Madison, just barely outside of Madison Park.

Pagliacci will be building a new, larger and LEED-certified building to replace the existing Spotless Cleaners structure at 3015 E. Madison St., according to the report. No date is given for anticipated completion.  Those with long memories may recall that prior to Spotless Cleaners, this was once the site of another fast-food restaurant: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Pagliacci was founded in 1979, with its first store in the University District.  There are currently six pizzerias in the chain, plus 16 "delivery kitchens" in various locations in Seattle, the Eastside, and to the North.  This location will apparently be a full-service pizzeria which will deliver "all over the CD and Capitol Hill, even going as far south as Leschi."  Presumably Madison Park would also qualify.

Of course Madison Park itself is not without numerous existing pizza options (as we've pointed out before), but Pagliacci will arrive on the scene with a solid reputation, and its pizzas have won numerous awards.  So, one more pizza choice for the 'hood!

Pagliacci, by the way, should not be confused with Piecora's, which has a location on E. Madison St. in the Pike/Pine neighborhood.

[Photo of meatball pizza courtesy of Pagliacci Pizza's blog. Of course we are kindly using the term "usurp" in the sense of a legitimate, not illegitimate, takeover of the site.]


  1. This is awesome news - we spent the last couple of years having to drive to Capital Hill to get Pagliacci pizzas because they would not deliver past Broadmoor. Personally, I prefer their pizzas to the current choices in the park.

  2. What's sad is that the family is loosing their business. The owners of Spotless Cleaners have been a part of this community for a very long time as business owners and residents. They have a interesting story of how they came to Seattle and started their lives over again.

  3. This is wonderful. Mad Pizza is tepid at best, and the Independent has a great product but very challenging and inconsistent take away service for a family with young children. Can't wait.

  4. Pizza=happiness.

    More pizza=more happiness.

  5. Since the quality of pizzas at Mad Pizza has gone down, and since the Independent has very limited hours and uneven service (but great pizza), I'm happy about this news. My question is whether in 10 years there will ONLY be banks and pizza places in Madison Park?

  6. Oooooh! Ooooooh!! Someone always beats me to it, but not this time!!!!!!

    I wish this could have become a bookstore.

    Ahhhhhh. Sweet satisfaction.

  7. i remember when it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken! Pagliacci is the best pizza in seattle - best red sauce!

  8. omg a good pizza place we can walk to and get a slice? it's almost like a real city. Can't wait!! (I am sorry to hear the family who owned the cleaners lost the business. that's never good.)

  9. LOVE the Independent but sometimes you just want a Pizza delivered!

  10. Pizza is crap. Madison Park needs a bookstore. Bryon can make it happen.


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