Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March Police Blotter

Break-in Alert:  In the first couple weeks of April there have been numerous nighttime incidents of house, garage and office break-ins in Madison Park, as well as car break-ins and car and bike thefts.  We will be reporting on these in our next Police Blotter. This is just another reminder to be vigilant.

March was relatively calm on the crime front

There were only two house break-ins and one car prowl reported in Madison Park during March. The first home intrusion occurred In Broadmoor on March 19, on the 1900 block of Parkside Drive E. The homeowner reported to police that he had been out of town, though his nanny had been home minding his two kids. The home's security system had not been activated. Sometime during the period, someone had entered the house through an open door or window and stolen a laptop, digital camera and camera lens that were on his desk in the den. Additionally, a back pack had been stolen from the hallway near the den. Latent prints were found at the scene and there was the possibility of the laptop being traced through a GPS application.

A second home burglary occurred on March 30 on the 1400 block of 42nd Avenue E. The homeowner reported that during the night someone had entered her unlocked garage and stolen two bikes and a power hand tool.  Anecdotally, we understand that in that incident the thief or thieves did not remove the beer or steaks from the in-garage refrigerator.  But they did take the chocolate milk.

The one car break-in that took place happened on March 24th on the 2500 block of Canterbury Lane.

There were multiple reports of property damage (paint-can icons on map above) and several incidents of trespassing.  In one of those incidents someone stole a sign from the Madison Park bath house.  In another incident, three black males entered an apartment building on the 2300 block of 43rd Avenue E. though a door that had been propped open.  When confronted by a tenant, they claimed to be salesmen but immediately fled the scene.  That incident occurred on March 26. Another trespass incident took place on the 4100 block of E. Highland St. on March 17.

Finally, there was a domestic dispute that was broken up by police on the 1800 block of E. Galer St. on March 19.  In that incident a woman and her former boyfriend got into a yelling match, but the police determined that there had been no violence requiring further action once the couple had been separated.

[On the map above, the blue icon with the big black blob represents an harassment/illegal dumping case that happened on the 4100 block of E. Lynn St. on March 19.  The green dollar bill icons represent cases of theft, and the green dollar sign icon represents an incident of fraud or identity theft reported to police.]

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