Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three years and counting

By Bryan Tagas

Today marks the third anniversary of Madison Park Blogger. What began as something of a lark has morphed over time into a cross between a labor of love and a duty.  My goal has been to provide Madison Park with a timely source of news and (very occasionally) commentary, about the things that impact this .9 square miles of lakeside turf that we are lucky enough to inhabit.  I remain dedicated to that mission.

Sometimes people tell me that they would like to hear more of my "voice" in the stories I present.  While standing on a street corner one day last summer, I was admonished by someone who told me, "It's your blog. You can write anything you want. There's no standard for bloggers!" That may be true, but there is a standard for this blog.  I try to adhere to a few journalistic rules which I laid down early in the life of the blog. Since I had very few readers at the time, most will not recall that posting.  But what I said then still applies:

Journalists are supposed to live up to certain standards of journalism, and I think a similar code of 'professional' conduct is required of bloggers. Here are the elements of my own personal blogging code:
  1. Be fair and accurate
  2. Separate reporting from editorializing
  3. Give attribution and provide hyperlinks to sources
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest
  5. Correct and note errors
This blog is unlike Seattle's many other hyperlocal (i.e. neighborhood) blogs.  The postings are usually not short and sweet--in fact, they're often long and too involved for certain readers. But in the interest of keeping this community informed, I make no apology for trying to be as comprehensive as time will allow.

And that's a perfect segue to my final point, having to do with time. As some of you have noticed, I have not been posting as often in the past few months as I did when Madison Park Blogger was still an "early stage" endeavor. This is not because of diminishing interest, enthusiasm, or will on my part.  Rather it's the consequence a time commitment to the new managerial assignment I recently undertook at my day job (that's the one that pays the bills). Perhaps someday I will again achieve the four-postings-a-week level that was once the standard here. But in the meantime, I simply recommit to keeping Madison Park posted.

Thanks for your support!


  1. As a somewhat new resident of the Madison Park area, I have appreciated your blog so much. From updates on business comings and goings to real estate analysis and coverage of controversial issues, I have learned about my new neighborhood. I am sure I am not alone in saying 'thank you' for all you have done over the past 3 years!

  2. A day job? A life? Where are your priorities, Bryan?

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the fun stuff, the serious stuff, and the places where they coincide -- we appreciate all you do, and whatever you can manage to do in the future!

  3. you could become a neighbor for treasure!!

    But stop peeping in my windows

  4. This is a terrific blog and an true asset to the community. Thank you for all your hard work, Bryan.

  5. Bryan thank you for a job well done and for remaining independent of the politics in Madison Park!

    Most of all, thanks for giving Madison Park an open forum!

  6. Bryan, thank you for running this blog the way that you have. I agree with your standards of journalism. It is refreshing that you give us a forum without editorializing. That is true and professional journalism.

    Most media nowadays are an oligopoly of liberal/leftist editorializing of any news reporting, in addition to the editorials themselves. It has become standard to try to influence our opinions without any consideration. They are so dogmatic that anyone who does not agree with them is a "right wing conspirator" - so much for freedom of speech.

    You have the right idea and hope that you do not change your policy.


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