Sunday, July 8, 2012

Great day for a parade!

One fine leisurely stroll down Madison Street

In what was probably a first for the Madison Park Days Children's Parade, the Seattle Police Department beat out the Seattle Fire Department for the honor of leading the procession yesterday. Engine 34, which usually arrives well before the parade begins and then sets the very slow and steady pace, was busy elsewhere when the parade was scheduled to begin at noon.  At about 12:15, with antsy kids and their parents long ready to move, an SPD squad car pulled out and headed down the street--lights flashing and, occasionally, siren screaming--and the parade was off and---well, slow walking.

Some of the "marchers" really got into the spirit of the thing...

...while others showed, perhaps, a bit more skepticism:

Most seemed to be having a pretty good time, however, including those few who bothered to get costumed for the occasion:

Engine 34, by the way, did make its appearance near the end of the parade line, nicely washed and shined up for the festivities, which ended with the always-well-received Picnic in the Park.

Madison Park Days is sponsored by the Madison Park Business Association.

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