Thursday, July 12, 2012

I was lost but now I'm found

Maria, the grey and white cat from Broadmoor, who "marched away" from home one rainy evening last month was discovered in Washington Park yesterday, many blocks from home.  The thirteen-year-old female, who had apparently been upset by the introduction of a "rambunctious" new male kitten into the household, may have left in a huff but is probably glad to now be back in the protective environment of her longtime home.

Owner Catherine Ramsden reports that Maria made it to safety because of our posting last week about the cat's disappearance.  As it happens, Regina Brown, one of our neighbors who is also a reader of this blog, recognized Maria as the cat that had recently been befriended by her young son Alexander. She fed the kitty to keep it nearby and then checked around to find who the owner was (the Madison Park Blogger was, unfortunately, incommunicado at the time).  Regina found Catherine's contact information through the Madison Park Veterinary Hospital, and cat and owner were united yesterday afternoon.  Maria's thoughts are unrecorded, but Catherine is grateful to have her "delicate and elderly" cat back in the family.

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