Thursday, July 12, 2012

June Police Blotter

Attempted carjacking not quite at gunpoint

Madison Park generally isn't the kind of place where anyone would expect to find guns in play, but June may have followed a recent pattern involving gun use in the neighborhood, though whether a gun was actually involved or not is uncertain. The victim certainly thought so.

The incident, which happened around 6:30 a.m. on June 9 near the intersection of E. Madison Street and 41st Avenue E. (the red-mask icon on the map above), is listed by the Seattle Police as a "robbery/street/weapon--attempted" offense. The victim reported that he was talking on his cellphone in his car, which was parked on Madison at the time, when suddenly an "80's sedan, described as "boxy," possibly a Cadillac or El Camino, with a distinctive pinkish grey paint job, pulled in front of him at an angle." According to the police report, "two unknown men, described as Hispanic, exited the vehicle and approached the victim.  He was only able to recall the driver in any detail, as he came to the victim's door and tried to open it by the handle." Fortunately, the victim was able to lock the door, start up his car, and maneuver it around the blocking vehicle. He then drove to safety without pursuit.

No description was provided in the police report of the victim's car, and the initial report which is available on line does not mention the fact that the victim reported to police that when the suspect approached the victim's car in an attempt to enter it he reached into his pocket and appeared to be drawing out an object which the victim assumed was a gun, through a gun was never actually seen.  Gun or not, this is the first report we've had of a carjacking being attempted here in the Park.

More break-ins

Typically for this time of year, there were multiple break-ins in the neighborhood during the month. In one incident, which occurred on the 2000 block of McGilvra Boulevard E. on June 25, the victim reported that sometime during the day a burglar entered the victim's house, probably through a pet door, stealing various items from the premises.

On June 8, on the 1100 block of 36th Avenue E., a homeowner discovered that sometime after he and his wife left their residence for their cabin, someone had broken into their home.  Upon their return they discovered that a backyard patio door was ajar and a backyard window had been shattered. Stolen from the house were two flat-screen televisions and two computers.  "All of the rooms throughout the residence had been rummaged through," according to the police report.

Another break-in occurred on the 1200 block of 42nd Avenue E. on June 29, a non-forced entry and burglary which apparently occurred at night.  Car break-ins occurred on the 1000 block of 37th Avenue E. on June 8 and on the 3800 block of E. Howe Street and the 1800 block of 38th Avenue E. (a block away) on the morning of June 23.

There were a couple of disturbances reported (mask icons on the map), at least once of which involved no more than a barking dog.  The black-hand icon shows the location (the 4200 block of E. Madison St.) of a shoplifting incident.

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