Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Have we arrived yet?

This week Madison Park Blogger passed the 500-subscriber level, according to Google Feedburner, which provides this site's subscription service.  Since our inception in April 2009, we've been adding subscribers at a pretty steady clip of 10-12 readers per month. Most subscribers (434 to be precise) get their MPB via email, with the remainder preferring delivery via "readers and aggregators."

On average, our postings now reach between 600 and 700 Madison Parkers and others who are interested in the news of the Park. In addition to our subscribers, we have about 200 visitors on the the site each day.

And here's a bit of potentially useful news: Because we've had so many requests to provide a Facebook page for those who'd like to see the Madison Park Blogger postings on their walls, we now offer that option as well. If you're interested in receiving MPB through Facebook, you can like us at:  (Thanks, by the way to the four fans who liked the page before we even announced it.)

With 5,000 people living in Madison Park, most of them non-readers, we still have a ways to go in getting the word out.  For that, we rely on you.  Thanks for your support!

[By the way, this is the 600th blog posting we've written. Only five or six of these posts, we estimate, fit into the "blowing our own horn" category. Well, it is our blog after all.]  

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