Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seen this trike someplace?

Last month we reported on the theft of a unicycle in the neighborhood. But without a solution to that particular case we're moving on. This month we focus on the recent theft of an oversized tricycle, apparently stolen on Monday from a Washington Park yard (this is not a photo of the theft in progress, by the way).  If the trike was taken for a joy ride, says the owner, the thief probably found the get-away pretty slow going and may well have abandoned the trike somewhere in the vicinity.  If you've seen the missing item, please let us know and we'll help reconnect it with its rightful rider.

Update:  Just after "going to press" with this story, we received some great news from the tricycle's owner:  "A neighbor three doors down from Bert's Red Apple found it in her yard the other morning. She walked around today with a photo asking people if they knew whose it was. She knocked on my door tonight having tracked me down. This is why we love Madison Park!"

So owner and trike are re-united, and all is well in the Park.

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