Friday, August 10, 2012

Madison Park 'best' in two categories

Cormac Mahoney and The Independent Pizzeria score

It seems that when the Seattle Weekly comes out with its "Best of Seattle" issue each year, Madison Park makes the list in at least one or two categories---and this year was no different.

For those who are not regular readers of the Weekly, we note that the 2012 awards, published last week, included Madison Park Conservatory's Cormac Mahoney as "Best Chef" and, for the second time, The Independent Pizzeria as "Best Pizza, Thin Crust."

The Weekly described Mahoney as exactly the kind of chef to make New York media types salivate, since he is all about local ingredients, does his own interpretation of trendy dishes, and "stays close in touch with his hipster roots."  And, of course, there's the food: "smart,, restrained, and always exquisite."

The Independent Pizzeria, which was a "Best of" choice when hardly opened in 2010, gets praise from The Weekly for having mastered all of the elements expected of a good Neapolitan pie: crust texture, sauce flavor, and topping ratios.  And, of course, there's that great "near-waterfront location" that "would charm even the most finicky Italian."

Our beach did not get singled out this year, though it was once the "Best Beach for Babe Viewing" (2010) and "Best Spot for Running into People You Never Thought You'd See Again After High School" (2009).  Cactus! made the list in 2007 and 2011 for its cocktails.  Madison Park missed out in 2008.

[Editorial aside:  Another award given by The Weekly has a vicarious connection to Madison Park through the Madison Park Blogger.  As it happens, the "Best Local Girl Gone Bad" for this year is the tenant of a house we own. The apparent downfall of this former Ms. Washington (soon to be on trial for murder) is a lurid story which has gotten a lot of coverage, including this from The Weekly: "Peggy Sue Thomas: Drop Dead Gorgeous."

[The Madison Park Conservatory is located at 1927 43rd Avenue E. and The Independent Pizzeria is located at 4235 E. Madison St.]


  1. Non-editorial asides:
    1) The Independent Pizzeria should have a special recognition for 'Slowest Service for Pizza in Seattle', maybe the reason the pizza is so highly rated is because people are close to starving to death by the time they get it.

    The Weekly and its Backpage should get singled out for 'Best Place to Find and Pay for Sex with Children. Why do people even look at this rag under these lurid circumstances?

  2. The Weekly is gross because of the child-porn Backpage.

    But the Independent is great, if you don't like the wait, don't eat there, you won't be missed. I hear Mad Pizza is plenty fast, enjoy!

  3. You don't understand. The guy that smears the sauce and puts the toppings on the dough at the Independent Pizzeria is an artist. Sorry, an artiste. You don't want to upset the toppings by putting them on too fast.

    Those telling you go eat elsewhere don't disagree with you, they are merely trying to get their pizza faster by getting rid of the competition. Don't listen to them.

    I find a great way to avoid the Backpage is to put it down on the table. Thankfully, it is on the back, so this works out real well.


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