Friday, August 10, 2012

Another 520 shutdown this weekend

Lake Washington Boulevard also closed through Arboretum

Construction crews will be working on installing a "fish-friendly culvert" and demolishing the old Bellevue Way overpass along the SR 520 route this weekend, necessitating the closure of the State highway from the point of the Montlake Boulevard eastbound exit all the way to  I-405 in Bellevue. The shutdown will occur beginning at 11 pm on Friday and end at 5 am on Monday.

At the same time, there will be significant work underway in the Arboretum, which means the closure of Lake Washington Boulevard E. this weekend. The timing of the shutdown will be slightly different from the 520 closure times. The Boulevard  will be closed at 7 pm. on Friday and will reopen at 9 pm on Sunday.

There is a lot of work planned for the Arboretum during this period, including the construction of a raised sidewalk and "speed cushions," the installation of "bike sharrows" (those are those stencils that show images of bikes, intended to encourage drivers to share the road), and continuation of the project designed to replace and improve the streetlights along the route.

There will be another planned shutdown through the Arboretum September 20-23, coinciding with another closure of SR-520.

[Photo showing the current progress of 520 construction on the eastside  courtesy of the Washington State Department of Transportation.]

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