Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Second rabid bat discovered here

This one found at the playground

It was all over the local news yesterday, but for those who don't follow major media we note that there was another sick bat discovered in our city park last weekend.  The King County Health Department reported yesterday afternoon that this bat, which is of a different species from the sick bat found earlier this summer, was also rabid.  According to the department's press release, "the bat was discovered by a park visitor as it clung to the bottom of a tree on the playground on Saturday, August 17th. Immediately after receiving notification from the visitor, the grounds crew taped off the area and called animal control."

The official line is that the discovery of this second bat does not mean that there is a rabies outbreak in the area but is most likely a "coincidence," given that the two bats were of different species.  Obviously, anyone who comes in contact with a sick bat should seek immediate treatment, and animals who have been exposed should be treated as well.


  1. Obviously a coincidence.

  2. NYC Radio Lab just did a fascinating story about a girl who was bitten by a rabid bat that nearly died but survived. Here is the link:


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